Thursday, June 03, 2010

My shadow box...

Well, I've made a shadow box to commemorate my time in the Navy. It took me quite some time, but it's finally finished. Obvious choices of things to put in there were my dolohins, ribbons and crow from my dress blues, but I've also acquired some other submarine related patches and such over the years that I added to that as well.

As far as construction that took a bit of time. First I had to take everthying I had a find out how big I needed the frame to be. My wife and I found a 16" x 20" shadow box at a local craft store that ended up working perfectly. I stained the frame american cherry and then sprayed a clear finish over it to protect the frame.
The next day I kept my wife company at the embroidery shop she works at and took the felt we had bought and laid everything out how it would fit and how I liked. I pinned all the patches and she sewed them all down for me. I took this home and we stitched the felt to the carboard backing. I put in black cording (not pictured) with hot glue in the borders to hide the stitching.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

USS Providence command coins for sale

I have 6 command coins from USS Providence (SSN-719) for sale. Four of them have a clear resin over them, the other two are without the resin. The front side of the coin has the ship's seal and the back has the dolphins and "pride runs deep" around them. Also the border of the back has the ship's motto, "I wish to have no connection with any ship that does not sail fast, for I intend to go into harms way." I'm asking $13 for each of them or I'll trade for other coins (submarine related only please). I'll accept check or paypal.

resin coated coin (click for larger pics) Non-resin coated coin

I'll get better pictures up here soon as I can get some that aren't all fuzzy. As with other things I've sold before either drop me a post or email me and I'll send these out as soon as possible.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Zippo Lighters for sale

Like I've mentioned before, I'll be leaving the area and going back home soon. In preparation my wife and I had yard sale and I figured I'd put something up here for my visitors. I have 12 Zippo lighters from USS Providence (SSN-719) for sale. They are all new, never used and still in the original standard black Zippo box. The body of the lighter has the ship's seal and the cap has the dolphins emblem. I'm asking $15 for each of them. I'll accept check or paypal.

If anyone is interested drop me a post or email and I'll send them out to the first 12 people to contact me.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

5,000th Visitor

Today marks my 5,oooth visitor to my site that I started back in April 2005. I reset my counter to keep things a bit managable and so I can mark the next milestone again in the future. Kepp on enjoying the site, hopefully I'll have more time to post now that I won't be at sea anymore.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Civilian life here I come!

Well I'm off to the civilian world. I signed my DD-214 today and checked out on terminal leave. Only 28 more days left! Also got a nice little separation pay that I wasn't expecting at all! I didn't quite realize exactly how much there is to do before I complete this transition. Eventually I'll get around to posting some photos from deployment as promised, but as you can imagine I've been busy getting everything ready. I'll just have to add it to my list of things to do....

Saturday, April 28, 2007

I'm back!!

Okay, so it's been I while since I've posted anything. As some of you may have guessed I've been on deployment. It was a long trip where we went around the world, traveling over 46,000 nautical miles over the 206 days we were gone. We made port calls in India, Singapore, Japan, Okinawa, and Pearl Harbor as well as traniting bothe the Suez and Panama Canals. As I have time I'll put up posts with some pictures from my travels to share with you all. Enjoy!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

My New Coin Collection

So I've recently started a coin collection like many people in the Navy. I've only got a few right now. The top coin is from while the bottom 2 are from Northwest Territorial Mint. These aren't actual pictures of my coins, but rather pictures from the respective sites. The 2 I have from Northwest Territorial Mint are engravable on the back and I had the dates that I graduated MM 'A' School and made 2nd class engraved on the backs of those.